May 24-25, 2019

June 24-25, 2019

Imagine improving your relationship with yourself so you can SHOW UP in your life with confidence, ability to say no with ease & amazing relationships?

Society, culture, tradition, religion, even our parents sometimes unconsciously disempower us by putting programs that may not be for our highest good. What if you can have the DISCERNMENT & WISDOM to know when your body is not in tip top shape and shift it right away with simple hands-on healing tools that you can use every day for you, your children, your loved ones or your clients?


How would you like to be able to help yourself by actually knowing how to move specific target organs, to heal physically AND emotionally?

No more worries or struggling to get in the doctor’s office because you will have the treatment modality right at your fingertips. The results are short of miraculous!

Most women tend to have the Mule Syndrome, which means they take on the burden of the whole world or the Healer’s Syndrome, which allows people to dump their negative energy on them while they give away their life-giving force. This sets you up for failure because you tend to be depleted physically and emotionally, unsuccessful financially, and not having the time to take care of yourself.

If you are a woman business owner who hates medications and likes a holistic approach, this will give you easy and practical tools to help your whole family. If you’re a healer who owns your business and has been struggling with money, this will help your money flow increase because you get to receive healing from others as well. The other side effect will be an increase in heart-felt connection with other souls who may need your services.

Heal Yourself To Become More Effective In Healing Others

-If you’re a holistic practitioner, healer, massage therapist, hypnotherapist, or healthcare professional, this is an additional tool you can add to your practice and charge extra with amazing results! Your clients will be able to process their emotions with ease without dumping on you.

-For individuals seeking healing, this is a non-invasive tool to help you heal your emotions without talking about it to others.


  • Inner peace & relaxation in minutes! (instead of suffering for years)

  • Turn off monkey mind

  • More efficient body functions & systems

  • Mood boosting

  • Improved disposition & decision-making skills

  • Better relationship with self & others


  • Learn where the organs are in the body including what emotions are contained in each one usually.

  • Learn to distinguish if it’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dysfunction.

  • Learn the basic techniques to improve relationship with yourself.

  • Learn the technique to improve your relationship with others.

  • Get hands-on healing with lots of practical tips!!!

DATE: May 24-25, 2019 OR June 24-25, 2019

TIME: 10:30 am-12:30 pm THEN 2-6 pm PST

Ample time for lunch to INTEGRATE new tools & REJUVENATE!!!

Yoga is available through Oh Yoga from 9-10:15 am at the TREE TOP before we officially start class.

Yes, I Am Ready to Heal Myself So I Can Serve My Family And My Clients Better!


Early Bird Special: $997




Hi, I’m Vivian De Guzman, but most people know me as The Human MRI. I am a licensed physical therapist and medical intuitive who uses energy healing to help clients improve their lives by clearing energies and getting rid of physical and emotional pain.
I have been a physical therapist since 1991. I have developed a passion for helping cancer clients and other ‘hard-to-treat’ conditions since I find them challenging. In September 2013, I got a Divine download that I need to be doing healing work and call other earth angels to help me clear negative energies within families and humanity. I dropped my physical therapy practice which is insurance-based and with complete trust and faith, moved into the arena of energy clearing helping moms, healers, business owners, speakers, and prominent leaders.
I am now transforming people’s lives and making them a money magnet by “seeing” their obstacles in the past, present and future, then I was able to step into achieve the financial freedom I have been longing for. The more I valued my time and my services, the more people want to work with me! The clarity energy clearing provided for me has been so beneficial that I do it every day. I literally have clients calling me daily and I am attracting those who want to get better and can pay my fees! It’s truly magnificent.

Join me at the “Organ Listening & Mobilization” class on May 24-25, 2019 OR June 24-25, 2019 and I’ll show you how you to heal yourself financially, emotionally, and physically.


A Healing Class As Unique As You Are

This is not your everyday, run-of-the-mill class where you get information overload only to return to the same old situation. This is a transformational experience where the focus is YOU! This class is taught by a professional physical therapist who is a medical intuitive, therefore, she can see the inside of the human body and guide the class for specific hand placements and how long you should hold a position. She will facilitate using your intuition to help you recognize when treatment is complete.

You get to learn how to move two different organs whose emotions are influencing each other, or that need a connection. For example, your kidneys hold a lot of your stress, tension, and anxiety, which can cause back pain or even urinary tract infection. If you know how to mobilize your kidneys and what specific organ is contributing to its dysfunction, you will be able to help someone in your family with back pain.

  • You will practice hands on techniques with each other.

  • You will learn the normal movement of each organ.

  • You will experience a shift in your relationship with yourself.

  • You will improve your communication with others around you.

  • You will develop new relationships with potential clients.

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Yes, I Am Ready to Heal Myself So I Can Serve My Family And My Clients Better!


Early Bird Special: $997




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