Cranial Certification Class Level 1

Do you ever wonder if there’s a blueprint for success in life (like every other business coach or life coach tells you?) The answer is a resounding YES!

How come other people seem to figure out easily and effortlessly?

It’s because they are in their zone of genius and the energy flows from their higher to lower chakras without resistance/blocks/obstacles when they are doing what they are doing (no matter what profession or job or business you’re in).

What if I can share with you that THERE IS a MANIFESTATION CHANNEL that would truly bring joy, prosperity and abundance in your life? Ever heard of the 9th chakra? Probably not as secrets in the spiritual world are rarely revealed to anyone until you stumble upon such information due to an illness or a life-altering experience. Below is the chart for basic chakra function, would you like to learn more on what’s above the 7th chakra?

HIGHER CHAKRAS 8 through 12 allows a spiritual person to truly understand the lessons that come to them in life. We all go through lessons and mine involves understanding each event that happens and clearing the energies to allow for creation of a different event in the future to take place.

CLARITY does bring so much joy, peace and wisdom in anyone’s life. Isn’t it when you’re clear, you’re able to make decisions faster because technically, you’ve considered every possible scenario before you act on it. Clarity and insight brings intended results and actions are more specific and concise so the person looks like he/she is extremely efficient, productive and even profitable/abundant. 

WARNING!!! Do not attend this class if you don’t want to change or if you like being stuck where you are.

THIS is GOOD for you if you have any of the following:

  • Unresolved/chronic neck pain
  • Migraine or chronic headaches
  • Seizures
  • Looking for direction/purpose
  • Balance problems
  • Dementia/forgetfulness or if you’re a caregiver
  • Dental problems
  • Sinus congestion
  • History of chemotherapy (chemo brain)
  • Safe non-verbal emotional release
  • You’ve lost faith in your Higher Self & what the Divine can do for you

How would your life change if you have this CLARITY & INSIGHT?

  • Do you think you’ll still be hanging out with the same people?
  • Would you be living in the same house/apartment?
  • Would you be doing the same job?
  • Will you be driving the same vehicle?
  • Will you treat yourself and your family the same way?

Some people are comfortably stuck in their life. When I started doing energy work, I realized that not everyone wants to change. Actually some people just want to stay where they are (status quo) because they’re afraid what’s on the other side, they’re afraid that they would lose their old friends or their family members that are actually abusing, controlling or manipulating them subconsciously or unconsciously. All of these is because of energy: it’s either you’re taking or giving it if your connection is horizontal.

What happens when you’re connected to unlimited Divine Source energy and the Earth? You feel GREAT! You are in love with life, you’ve met your soul purpose, you’re embracing every aspect of it: the good and the bad (there’s really no bad, it’s just how you perceive it).

Do you know that there are specific points in your head that would release negative habitual patterns, negative beliefs and thoughts and give direction in your life? This is how you BRIDGE SCIENCE with SPIRITUALITY/ENERGY. It’s simple, fast, effective & efficient! WHY HOLD ON TO ILLNESS when you can BRING MORE LIGHT TO OTHERS by OVERCOMING THEM?

Let’s examine what happens when you open your 8th chakra? This is above your BASIC 7 chakras.

Some people think there’s only good spirits up there. Like here on earth, there’s also good and bad.

How do you know you’re truly following your Divine Source, your Higher Self, your Divine Guides?

When there’s no karmic spiritual attachments, life is really good and it manifests itself blissfully here on the physical plane.

"The class and Vivian helped me develop to offer up gifts and how to apply them. It is an out of this world experience. "

Pamela Reynon

"I feel like a new person from who I came in as. These tools are empowering and so incredible to learn about. They are going to create even more powerful sessions for my clients. Vivian is a gifted healer & teacher. So grateful for her knowledge & experience!"

Christi Diamond

"Extremely satisfied – This class takes everything we understood about healing to an elevated state – taking mind, body spiritual connection understanding beyond what I have learned to date from all kinds of disciplines. And Vivian heightened our awareness and activated the third eye. "

Lisa Browne-McCullah

Here are the topics we will cover on these amazing 2.5 days:

1.     Learn what are the 12 chakras and auras and learn powerful and lightning-speed tools that will allow MANIFESTATION & ACTUALIZATION to happen in your life NOW.   

2.     Differentiate the good from bad spirits. 

3.     Learn how to spot and treat trauma and abuse in the body using a simple technique.

4.     Find out the different points in your head and facial anatomy that would improve your sense of direction & purpose, hearing abilities, speaking your truth and finding out the truth at your soul level.

5.     Find out which part of your head stores what you know/remember, what you hear, what you feel and what you see and learn how to release your triggers with ease and grace.

6.     Learn this one powerful technique that would stop your recurrent habits & patterns!

7.     BE a MEDICAL INTUITIVE! Treat difficult-to-treat cases such as headaches, immune system dysfunction, stress & anxiety by learning how to communicate with the body non-verbally and what questions to ask.

Throughout the session, I would be guiding you through my 3rd eye, what specific part of the anatomy you’re opening or having trouble communicating with and give you guidance as to how to bring about your gifts to the world. Our FIRST DAY involves opening your 3rd eye to help you connect with your Higher Self, the Divine and your body! This is EXTREMELY POWERFUL.

Bring an extra pillow for comfort and a towel or light jacket if you tend to get cold.

Fri & Sat classes will be from 9 am to 6 pm beginning with QiGong and Yoga classes.

Sunday class will be from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.  

Lunch is normally 1.5 hours to allow for integration and processing to happen naturally.

EVERYONE will be treated by each other so please be prepared to GIVE & RECEIVE.

WARNING!!! Do not attend this class if you don’t want to change or if you like being stuck where you are.

If you’re ready for some real life cosmic & earthly LIFE-ALTERING EXPERIENCE, COME & SIGN UP!

If you’ve been stuck for a while, unhappy with where you’re at, perhaps comfortable yet wanting more out of life, come and release those karmic spiritual attachments you didn’t know you’ve been holding on to.

THE HEAD & HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS Certification Class Level 1 on May 24-25, 2019 is happening at Oh Yoga: 7444 E. Chapman, Suite B, Orange, CA  92869. This is great for healers, spiritual teachers, massage therapists, people in the healthcare industry, wellness, healing and caregiving field, business owners especially those with extremely busy life, feeling overwhelmed, confused, seems like lacking in direction or purpose or perhaps too much on their plate that they’re stuck for years! CONSIDER THIS AS YOUR VACATION/REJUVENATION equivalent to 3-6 months!  

Perhaps you’ve experienced some lapse in memory or unresolved illness, immune system dysfunction or repeated relationship problems. Your higher chakras definitely have to do with lots of head problems, neck dysfunction and even back dysfunction.

After this class, when you get back to your regular life, you feel LOVED, SUPPORTED & ENERGIZED!


  • Relieving headaches or chronic conditions
  • Energetic/psychic protection from other people who steal energies from you
  • Grounding & centering in truth
  • Reviving sluggish or even dying parts of you
  • Reversing conditions that others deem irreversible
  • From stress and anxiety to peacefulness & bliss
  • Finding Divine guidance & sense of direction towards meeting your soul purpose

JOIN US to LIVE PAIN-FREE (physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, psychically and spiritually)! Why mention them all? Because the course work involves all 6 bodies hence it’s about bridging science & spirit.


($997; if you have already taken the Tailbone class or will be participating in the upcoming Tailbone Class on May 24-25, then use coupon code: 2CLASSES for $200 OFF which means only $797)

We also accept CareCredit (0% interest for 6 months). You can apply at for details.

Questions? Contact Vivian
[email protected] 


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