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What is PAIN?

PAIN is nature’s way of telling you that something needs to be changed in your present state of being on the physical, emotional, mental, psychological, psychic and/or spiritual levels of consciousness.

PAIN is not meant to be suppressed, masked and left unresolved.

Frequently, physical pain is mistaken as a musculoskeletal ailment. It is true that it is felt in the muscles, joints and ligaments, but the causes do not originate from these areas. Most likely, they are referred by other parts of your body, your mind or events outside of yourself.

Musculoskeletal problems are the result of pain, not the cause of pain.


What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy centers. They are like a huge library containing all the pictures of what happened in your life at present and in the past. The more pictures of pain you’ve accumulated, the more it shows up as a problem in present life. Normal movement is clockwise spinning from right to left. There are 7 rings that form its mouth. When it is blocked or not balanced, it causes symptoms. People are familiar with 7 chakras however there are higher chakras from 8through 13 as well.

"I woke up with this weird right elbow pain and I didn’t lift anything. Within minutes, Vivian was able to get rid of my pain and I didn’t even realize that the way I treated my things is connected to this pain. She has helped me improve my communication skills with my family and the people around me through her clearings."

Ballet Dancer & Artist

"Business is doing great and I’m able to charge for what I’m truly worth. Thanks to Vivian’s insight and clarity which helps me realize my true value."

Business Coach & Consultant

"Vivian has so many gifts that she willingly shares as a life coach. Partnering with her and remembering to practice the tools she teaches has been life changing for me as I feel more at peace, confident, and with a can-do attitude. She helps to keep things simple, while integrating various techniques within my life. I feel I'm a better person and so grateful for knowing Vivian (I recommend her to anyone who I feel is ready and can benefit from working with Vivian)."

L..R. Irvine

"I was at an emotional stalemate in my life when a friend recommended I see Vivian. I had seen therapists, read a slew of self help books and still felt stuck. After my first session with Vivian I felt like my energy had come back to me. Vivian’s treatment involves unlocking the power within yourself and finding the ability to get out of your own way. We all get caught up in the past, in our pain, in self doubt, worry about what may come. Vivian guides one to one's higher sense of purpose and passion by dispelling those old emotional blockers and moving forward to accept a life that is worthy of your dreams. She has helped me to reset my path multiple times by being more atuned with myself, my desires and my ability to be greater. She has been a healer, a guide, and a motivator. I have been seeing Vivian now for 2 years and the positive changes and gifts in my life continue to flow. So grateful for her."



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